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My husband and I lived the military life together for over 15 years moving from assignment to assignment all over the world. Glen retired in September of 2007 and we moved to Greenville to call home and grow roots. In the military world, people move, retire, get promoted, and have birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers. Most of the time these special events are celebrated with out family members being there. As our years progressed, it became “take care of the troops”.  Every occasion is a special event in someone life that will be remembered for many years to come.  Being part of your celebration would be an honor for us.  We helped with awards ceremonies, new babies, birthdays, and monthly promotion parties. I made cakes for many of these special events.

After making these type of cakes for several years I took my first Wilton cake class at a base near Cambridge England in 2002. We went to a Birmingham cake show and we were just amazed at the techniques used to make such beautiful cakes. I began going to every seminar class offered.

I love to learn any new techniques and expand my artistry ability.  I continue to learn by taking offered by expert artist’s. I have taken classes from Browen Weber, Julie Bashore, Ron Ben-Isreal, Norm Davis, Zane Beg, Ruth Rickey, Kathy Scott, Linda Shonk, Mike Terry and many more.  My cake artistry abilities were expanded and so came the Bakehouse.

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