For those looking for an entirely one-of-a-kind cake, Buttercream Bakehouse offers a personalized design experience culminating in a work of confectionary art unlike any other. Let us create a cake that reflects everything you wish your unique wedding to be. Will it be a day of grandeur and elegance or wit and whimsy? Should your cake reflect the refined style of the guests of honor, take flamboyant center stage?

We make your role in guiding the perfect design both easy and enjoyable. Your consultation takes place in the lovely, relaxed setting of our bakeshop over fine tea or coffee and delectable homemade treats. Its our pleasure to help you convey your wishes and vision.

Once a custom design is approved, the magic begins. In our hands sugar is transformed into flowers, dragonflies, and jewels… whatever you can imagine or hope to see. The finest ingredients ensure your custom cake is not only breathtaking but also irresistibly delicious. The end result is a pleasure to behold and to savor- the centerpiece of a very special day and of may years’ cherished memories to come.